We have been successfully meeting our customers' challenges for more than 25 years.

By using our extensive technical know-how, we develop new ideas and transform them into new
products. Our product knowledge combined with customer product ideas allow us to gain a head
start on the market together. We are constantly presenting new raw materials and applications
and introducing combinations which open market niches and achieve real market presence.

With our own logistic solutions we offer a fast turn-around, right from the product idea to the final
product. Our customers benefit from transport fleet and our extensive stocks, which include a
complete range of plastic products and modern raw material developments By using
Chemie-Plast's efficient logistics, our customers are able to reduce their stock to a minimum.

Our engineers are in constant contact with the development and technical application departments
of our raw material partners, ensuring that we are always in touch with the times. In addition to
innovative products, we also offer new market perspectives - always innovative and flexible.