In 1981, Chemie-Plast, then consisting of a team of just two employees, began
distributing plastics made by renowned international manufacturers. Right from the
beginning, Chemie-Plast has been an innovative and market-oriented company.

With the takeover of the executive board by Othard Müller in 1986, the focus of the
company activities changed. Since then, Chemie-Plast sees itself not only as a pure
distributor of plastics but as a "service provider for the plastic industry".

Thanks to this philosophy, our qualified and motivated team of 26 plastic engineers
and commercial agents can confidently say to our customers:
"We are your partner for future challenges…and the market of tomorrow!"

These challenges provide us with the motivation to further develop our company in
cooperation with our raw material partners, offering our customers the best possible
level of service as well as innovative products - both today and in the future.